Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel?

Absolutely! I LOVE traveling and getting to experience new places on a regular basis is one of (many) reasons I chose photography as a career path. For travel outside of 1 hour of Knoxville I charge an additional fee based on mileage, and for travel over 3 hours I require compensation for overnight stay. I ALWAYS try to cut down on travel costs as much as I can, so if I know someone in your area with whom I can stay for free, I won't charge you for lodging. All travel fees to the Tri-Cities (Johnson City/Bristol/Kingsport) are waived as I travel there frequently + have plenty of family of friends to stay with in the area!

What kind of equipment do you use?

I learned to shoot in Manual on my Mom's Nikon and have stuck to the brand ever since! My main camera body is a Nikon D850 and my secondary body is a Nikon D750. My favorite portrait lenses are my prime lenses (50mm or 85mm) but I utilize a variety of other lenses for wide shots, group shots, landscape shots, etc. 95% of the time I shoot in natural light or indoor low-light without flash, but I do use an external flash or portable continuous light when necessary. In general, I like to operate with as little equipment as possible on my body during a shoot, but always have backup close by to accommodate for any situation.

How do you ensure my photos won't be lost + are backed up?

Losing your photos is my WORST nightmare, so I take many precautions when it comes to preserving them. My camera bodies each house 2 memory cards--each shot goes onto the primary card in use + instantly backs up to the second card. As SOON as I get to my computer after a shoot, I upload your photos in 3 places--my external hard drive + in 2 separate forms of cloud storage. I ensure storage of RAW files for 5 years + storage of edited photos for 10 years.

How many images can we expect?

I almost always over-deliver on my promised photo count! You can expect a bare minimum of 60 photos per hour of shooting. Every session is different + there are many factors that play into the exact number of photos that I feel are worthy enough to provide you (number of people in the photo, time of day, amount of planning, time spent on outfit or prop changes, etc.). Rest assured that I absolutely NEVER skimp on delivery! If I promised you 30 photos and 75 are fabulous, you will get access to them all!

What do we do if it is raining?

First step: STOP checking the weather forecast. I literally NEVER look at it, because it stresses me out unnecessarily + there is absolutely nothing I can do about it (much to my dismay). 9/10 times there is no rain during the 30 minutes-1 hour we need it to be clear for a shoot, so I hardly ever cancel a shoot unless something absolutely abnormal is happening outside. Truly, overcast weather makes for the BEST lighting for photos + even a little rain can be so dreamy. I always have a few clear umbrellas on hand for some rainy photo magic, and as long as you're up for a little adventure we can almost always make a shoot happen despite the weather! In the event that weather is absolutely unsafe or unpractical, I have no problem rescheduling a session in more ideal conditions!

What is your turnaround time?

I want to get your photos to you as quickly as I possibly can! I also never want to rush the editing process (and trust me, you don't want me to do that, either!) I put a LOT of care into how your photos are edited and want to make sure you receive the quality of photos you are expecting from me. You can expect to receive photos from 30-minute sessions in 2-3 weeks and 1-hour sessions in 3-4 weeks. My wedding turnaround time is 8-10 weeks, but I always aim to have them back to you within 6 weeks. I do my very best to check in with you at every point to let you know exactly when you can expect your photos + do everything in my control to accommodate for any special circumstances for which you might need delivery sooner than usual!